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5 Sure-Fire Ways of Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Using RevOps

Sales and marketing alignment is critical for success in the modern business world. However, many companies need help to achieve this goal because their various departments are siloed from one another. Not to mention the over 55% of sales and marketing professionals who don't feel well aligned. Ready to get started now? Check out our ultimate guide to RevOPs here!

What if you could create an internal model that combines your sales data with your marketing analytics to see how each affects revenue generation? 

Enter RevOps, the key to creating a united front between your brand's sales and marketing, revenue, and customer success operations. This is how you unite your go-to-market teams. 

What Is RevOps?

Revenue Operations, or RevOps for short, is a term that refers to the combination of sales and marketing, customer service, and revenue departments. However, each department maintains its daily operations. 

It's a methodology that helps organizations align their sales and marketing teams with their customer satisfaction and revenue operations teams. RevOps is an organizational model designed to help companies scale their revenue and growth by ensuring everyone knows exactly their role in achieving that goal. 

Why Should RevOps Matter?

  • Alignment between sales and marketing, customer service, and revenue departments.
  • Increased sales by a whopping 209%, promoting business scalability.  
  • Breaks down silos and fosters cross-functional collaboration, eliminating any friction in operations.
  • Improves efficiency and productivity, especially sales and marketing strategies.
  • Produces easy-to-access data that help in intelligent revenue and other informed decisions.
  • Helps define more realistic and accurate KPIs and forecasts.
  • Bridges various systems to end-to-end workflows.
  • Reduces operational costs, such as customer acquisition.
  • Boosts overall customer experience and satisfaction. 

Leverage RevOps to Align Your Sales and Marketing

You can align your brand's sales and marketing teams through RevOps in the following ways:

Build a Robust RevOps Team

Gartner predicts that 75% of the fastest-growth organizations will have a RevOps structure in place by 2025. Regardless of the size of your organization, it's best to have a team to handle RevOps. 

This team will oversee operations management, operations technology, data analysis and insights, and sales enablement. Therefore, ensure your team has sales, marketing, customer service, IT, and revenue personnel. 

Whether you'll get new faces or use existing staff, ensure you:

  • Get the right staff with the right skills
  • Define a hierarchy beginning with a team leader who'll be reporting to the C-suite (mostly CEO or CFO).
  • Provide the necessary training and support 
  • Clearly define the team's roles
  • Outline common objectives, goals, and KPIs
  • Empower the team with decision-making authority

There's no one-size-fits-all for RevOps teams. Your organization's needs are unique, so form a team around those individual needs. 

Define a Unified Data Source

A major pitfall of non-alignment is data silos. Collaboration can be challenging if sales and marketing have varied definitions for the same data points, causing frustrations, time wastage, and lost opportunities.

You can demolish these silos and create unified and centralized data by encouraging cross-department collaboration and clear communication channels. A unified data source provides deep insights into campaigns and accurately attributes revenue to each channel.

The single data source will allow sales and marketing to gauge their performance metrics together, whether they are generated through different channels or not. Further, the single data point avoids having multiple tools within a single organization eliminating confusion, inaccurate and inconsistent reporting. 

Personalize at Scale

"Personalization at scale is the ability to create individual customer experiences across your entire organization based on the journey undertaken by each customer."

 – Definition by IBM

Sales strategies focus more on sales, with little to no room for personalization, dampening customer satisfaction and experience. Yet, personalization is the holy grail of marketing, and over 70% of customers demand it

Its no wonder brands are lining up, ready to offer unique experiences for every single client, partly driven by several benefits:

  • 2.3X annual boost in customer lifetime value
  • 1,7X yearly growth in revenue
  • 1.8X annual increase in departmental satisfaction

RevOps facilitates personalization at scale by ensuring departments work as a single unit to prioritize customer needs by leveraging end-to-end data utilization princesses. It also provides an effective feedback cycle between sales and marketing to create a winning personalization strategy.

Boost the Efficiency of the Sales Process

The sales process is the most important part of the revenue cycle. If it's not optimized, your company will likely miss out on significant opportunities to generate revenue.

According to a recent McKinsey research, you can automate over 30% of your sales and marketing processes. When you do, you stand to experience:

  • Up to 20% productivity boost
  • Reduce your marketing budget by 12%
  • Boost efficiency by up to 35%
  • Increased leads and conversions, 80% and 70%, respectively

Once you define your processes, the next step is automating your workflows using the following:

  • Sales automation tool allows you to set up automated tasks during different stages in the customer journey. 
  • Marketing automation tools allow you to build campaigns based on customer behavior and send messages at specific times. 

Better still, most sales and marketing automation tools are scalable, easy to use, and allow process integration using APIs, connectors, and other external systems, such as CRMs. 

Deploy an Effective RevOps Platform

Why not leverage technology to streamline your sales and marketing alignment?

Aligning sales and marketing with other departments is no walk in the park, but it's necessary. You don't have to stick to the manual process entirely, not when there are RevOps tools you can use, such as Hubspot Operations Hub. 

RevOps tools facilitate collaboration between teams and accountability. They will allow you to share KPIs and data to ensure that sales, marketing, and other customer-focused teams remain aligned. 

When choosing a RevOps platform, go for one that:

  • Leverage AI to generate meaningful insights from data
  • Provide actionable recommendations based on those insights
  • Adapt as your organization grows and needs change

Once you've selected a platform that fits these criteria, it's time to use it. Sales and marketing teams need to understand how they can use the platform together—and what each team should do with their efforts. 

Looking To Align Your Sales and Marketing?

Alignment is all about being able to drive revenue growth. There's nothing stopping sales and marketing from playing together for the betterment of your brand and customers. 

While RevOps can achieve alignment, it's not always a walk in the park, but The Insight Studio can help. We specialize and are experienced in leveraging HubSpot Operations Hub to help brands achieve effective sales and marketing alignment. If you want to drive revenue through RevOps, let's schedule a time to chat. 

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5 Sure-Fire Ways of Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Using RevOps