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Audit My HubSpot Account: Getting the Most Out of HubSpot

Getting the Most Out of HubSpot

HubSpot is a fantastic, state-of-the-art inbound marketing tool that many companies rely on. Built for sales, marketing, and customer service, it has CRM tools, lets your teams collaborate, supports social media and blogging, and much more. It's an investment, and you want to make the most of your HubSpot account.


Ready to audit your HubSpot account now? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Hubspot Administrators here, and learn the process! 

However, you may wonder if you've set it up correctly and if you're up to speed on all the features. If you're asking, "How can I audit my HubSpot account?" we can help you harness this tool and optimize it for your company's individual needs.

Set Up Your HubSpot Account Correctly

The way you use HubSpot may look different from how another company uses it. Still, there are across-the-board ways that companies can max out their use of this ultimate business platform. A HubSpot administrator will make sure the setup is perfect, go through all of the settings, and show you how to clean up the contacts in your database, to name a few benefits.

Optimize Your Leads

Put qualified leads at your fingertips with HubSpot's tools and the help of an administrator. What does your business focus on? We'll show you how to use best practices to work with the lead-generation tactics your company prefers. There are so many ways to maximize your contacts. Learn how HubSpot can help you go from qualified leads to conversion. A HubSpot audit literally pays.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Marketing, sales, and customer service all come together in HubSpot, and an administrator can make this unification happen seamlessly. Sharing data and using common tools in the platform allow your teams to work efficiently. Everyone can collaborate and stay organized with information they all have a stake in, especially with HubSpot tools like internal notes.

Find Your Strengths … And Your Weaknesses

A HubSpot administrator can show you how to use the platform to create new insights into your target market, providing new avenues of growth for the business. Also, with the tools available, you can handily see your conversion rate (one HubSpot report found 83% of users saw an increased conversion rate) and return on investment. These are the kind of numbers your company needs to know in order to gauge performance.

A HubSpot audit can also make it clear if there are holes in your strategy or gaps in your information. An administrator can provide your company with the know-how to enable the platform to reveal these details so you can take steps to overcome areas where you might be lacking.

Get Feedback on Your Marketing Strategy

On a deeper level, an administrator can consult with your company on your overall marketing strategy during a HubSpot audit. We'll review your past campaigns, see what your teams are doing right now, and help you plan for the future. For example, an audit might ask:

  • Do you need to analyze the competition?
  • Do you have detailed buyer personas, and have your teams received training on them?
  • What does your performance look like in different stages of the buyer's journey? 

Refine Your Content Strategy

Part of your inbound marketing strategy will likely include some kind of content, like pillar pages, blog posts, and email. Working from your buyer personas, an audit can offer help with content topics and planning. Then with promotion through search, social media, and email, your content can reach as many customers in your target market as possible.

Look Like a HubSpot Rockstar

If you're ready to partner with a certified team that can set up your HubSpot account to use it to its full advantage, work with a HubSpot administrator. Let's get you up to speed so you can audit your HubSpot and make the most of your investment.


Updated 3/13/23

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