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How To Set SMART Goals Through A HubSpot Audit

How to Set Smart Goals


Did you know that simply by writing goals down studies have shown that there is a 33% increase in likelihood of achieving those goals? Conducting a HubSpot audit can reveal opportunities and help you set SMART goals. Use data to drive your decisions and further your investment into your HubSpot account. Ready to start goal-setting now? Check out our Ultimate Guide to HubSpot Administrators here, and learn more about the benefits of SMART goals!

In this blog we will cover:

1.) What you need before you start your audit

2.) What is part of the HubSpot Audit? 

3.) Why you should do a HubSpot audit?

4.) Who should champion an audit within your organization?

5.) What do you actually examine when you perform an audit on your account?  

6.) What System will enable you to follow through on your goals?

1.What you need to begin your audit 

Before you begin your audit it's important to have a solid understanding of what your business goals are. When you are aligned with the business priorities between departments and leadership you can then focus on what data will be important to you before you start this audit.

You can set specific outcome and output goals after you perform your audit which align with the overarching goals of the business. 

2. What is part of the HubSpot Audit?

Every HubSpot account is different and may require different areas of focus. However a HubSpot audit is always conducted to take a pulse at how you have been using your account. When you perform a HubSpot audit on your account you can discover things like:

  • HubSpot subscription and usage
  • Tools in HubSpot: What tools and features are being used, what tools aren't being used. 
  • Check users, permissions, and notifications

3. Why You Should to Do a HubSpot Audit 

You may hear about the benefits of doing an audit but let's look into a few reasons why you should do a HubSpot audit. 

  • New to the company or inheriting a HubSpot account
  • There has been a pivot in the company strategy 
  • You have launched a new product offering 
  • You are trying to reach a new target market
  • General maintenance and review of HubSpot account.

Just as we change the oil in our cars, get annual physical reviews, this audit will enable you to check in with your investment in HubSpot and company initiatives. The results will set a clear trajectory of what actions you need to take to reach your goals. 

4. Who Should Champion Your HubSpot Audit? 

Alignment with the leadership of various business units will be key to delegating the HubSpot audit. You can task different owners of the unit to audit a segment of your account. You might break up the audit list between different employees or alternatively champion one owner to do the audit. Either way, making it clear who is responsible for what and assigning dates will help ensure your audit is completed. Alternatively, an outsourced HubSpot administrator could help coordinate the HubSpot audit for your team to save time. 

5. What Are You Examining During an Audit? 

There is a lot you can examine when doing a thorough review of your HubSpot account, however here are a few items you can prioritize for your audit. 

  • Subscription level
  • Admin and user permissions
  • Tools used versus Tools that can be used 
  • CRM: Contacts, Companies, and Deals
  • Users signed up to see dashboards 
  • Forms submissions 
  • Workflows 
  • Traffic Analytics 
  • Data Cleanliness 
  • Properties used for contacts and companies 

6. What System will enable you to follow through on your goals?

Identify the opportunities and then connect with your team around the opportunities discovered and then set realistic time goals for your next steps and who will be accountable for the work. Without a timeline it is very difficult to prioritize and keep yourself accountable. 

Part of the three steps to achieving goals is 1.) Write the goals down 2.) Commit to goal directed behavior 3.) Create accountability for actions. One tool we love is databox which connects to HubSpot and provides useful dashboards and templates that further your visibility into the metrics you are monitoring. 

Updated 3/14/23

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