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5 Ways HubSpot Automation Increases Sales Outcomes

Is your business losing sales-qualified leads because you keep forgetting to follow up on them? Or you don't know how to prioritize your leads? If so, HubSpot's Sales Hub automation tools can solve all your sales problems. The tools are designed to accelerate your sales process and increase productivity throughout the sales funnel.

According to HubSpot, 61% of businesses that used sales automation tools surpassed their revenue targets in 2020. HS sales automation entails the mechanization of repetitive, time-consuming, and manual tasks using AI, software, and other digital tools. HubSpot Sales Hub offers sales automation tools for nurturing leads, identifying opportunities, and tracking your campaigns.

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HubSpot Automation Increases Sales


Why Should You Use HS Sales Automation?

Automating your sales with HubSpot brings many benefits to your business. Here are five ways that HubSpot automation increases sales outcomes.

1. Sales Email Tracking

Sales professionals know too well how nerve-wracking it is to send an email and wait for a reply. HubSpot automation tools allow your sales team to track their email activity. They can see when their emails got opened, which allows them to send follow-up emails and track the leads at an opportune moment. Besides, you can see whether the links embedded in the emails got opened.

HubSpot's email tracking tools provide valuable insights into what arouses your leads' interests. They are indispensable for streamlining your communication strategy to get the most out of each interaction with potential clients. You'll never have to refresh your mailbox nervously, hoping for a reply. HubSpot sales automation will do the job for you.

2. Predictive Lead Identification and Ranking

Identifying leads that will eventually become buying customers is every salesperson's worst nightmare. Traditionally, sales teams were forced to maintain multiple spreadsheets containing their leads' information, but those days are long gone. The HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise tool has a contact management feature for storing all your leads in one location.

Thanks to this sales automation tool, you no longer have to work muddled notes or flip through multiple spreadsheets. You have all the information in one place, making it easier to track, segment, and rank your leads. This ultimately results in a higher success rate when closing deals.

3. Streamlined Reporting and Analytics

Market knowledge is the bread and butter of sales. That, coupled with accurate analytics and reporting, allows you to track your progress and see what drives your closed deals. Traditional reporting and analytics strategies can't yield the desired results in today's competitive marketplace, and that's where HubSpot sales automation tools come in.

HubSpot Sales Hub's reporting and analytics tools provide the real-time insights you need to optimize every moment spent selling. They are data-based and can help fine-tune your sales strategy to score better outcomes.

4. Automating Sales Follow-Up

Repeat customers attest to the success of your sales outcomes, but you won't have repeat sales if you don't follow up on your customers. However, the follow-ups that your sales team does regularly can be energy-sapping, especially if everything gets done manually. An advantage of upgrading to HubSpot Sales Hub is that its tools automize your after-sales follow-ups.

Your sales team won't need to contact individual buyers for information about their experiences with your products. It's easier to follow up with first-time customers and keep in touch with high-priority prospects. When customers feel valued, they're likely to buy repeatedly.

5. Scheduling Social Media Updates

We're in the era of social media, and every business that wants to stay afloat and relevant must be on social media. Nevertheless, keeping track of social media trends, posting content, and replying to customers' queries can take a toll on your sales team. With HubSpot Sales Hub, you can automate your updates on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In addition, you can schedule social media publishing for your team in advance and let HubSpot Sales Hub do the heavy lifting for you.


What Should You Look for in HS Sales Automation?

Now that you know how HubSpot automation can optimize your sales outcomes, one question that will run through your mind is, what should I look for in HubSpot sales automation tools?

Well, keep these considerations in mind if you're looking for a sales automation tool in the HubSpot suite:

1. Lead Prospecting Capabilities

HubSpot has several lead prospecting tools with different capabilities. It's a no-brainer to choose the one with the highest capabilities. The tool should integrate with your CRM seamlessly and enable convenient outreach and follow-ups on your prospects.

2. Lead Enrichment

The more data you have about your leads, the easier it will be to connect with them, earn their trust, and convert them. HS sales automation tools allow you to gather information about your leads from dozens of data sources. Nonetheless, it's best to use a tool that provides in-depth and comprehensive lead profiles. With such a tool, you will lead into sales conversations with deeper insight into your leads.

3. Lead Scoring

If you want to keep your sales team focused on opportunities that increase sales outcomes, you're better off using sales automation tools to prioritize and rank leads. Ideally, the HS Sales Hub tool you choose should leverage behavioral and demographic data to tell how qualified your prospects are. In doing so, you'll determine the ones to prioritize.

What to Expect from HS Sales Automation

The greatest expectation when using HS sales automation tools is that your sales outcomes will improve. However, it's best to remember that it may take a while to identify the perfect sales automation tool for your business. An expensive sales automation tool doesn't necessarily guarantee a return on investment, hence the need to align your tools and processes with your goal of converting as many leads as possible.


Final Thoughts

There's so much you can accomplish when using HS Sales Hub. However, HubSpot is tricky to navigate, and you need the experts at Insight Studio to lead your HubSpot adoption. We're committed to helping you attain your desired sales outcomes by building scalable and data-driven insights in HubSpot. Check out our ultimate guide to HS admins to get the most out of your HubSpot account today!

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