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What You Need In Your Sales Process

Our Sales Process is what sets the foundation for our sales team and helps us deliver success to our leads and customers. Today we have several styles to choose from, whether it's inbound or outbound your company will have to choose a model that works best for you. Ready to get started optimizing your sales process now? Review our Ultimate Guide to ReVOPS (sales & marketing alignment) here.

Key Tactics: 

  • Preparation & Prospecting
  • Using Sales Reports
  • Leveraging Your Sales Pipeline
What you need in your sales process

How to be Empathetic In Your Sales Process as You Prepare & Prospect
First, it may sound simple but being an organic human being can instill trust at the beginning of this potential partnership. This involves having a conversation with your leads, asking questions to understand why they are exploring your services, and then practicing active listening. You may have a list of questions for your sales team to ask which involves being prepared, but it's important to pair that with active listening so that you can uncover their pain point and provide as much value as possible. 

Ways to excel:

  • Have a set of questions for your sales team to ask 
  • Look up the company on Linkedin and check out their website, take notes to demonstrate you took the time to do your research. 

Set Up Your Sales Dashboard 
Within HubSpot, you are able to customize your own dashboard with different reports that are relevant to you. This can help you uncover what you and your team can do to improve your outreach. When we can identify where the friction occurs and also where our efforts are successful. We can then revise and continue to optimize these processes. But without any sort of tracking, we are left to our intuition around how we are performing. Let the data help you make informed decisions. 

Try this report Closed Deal Amount vs. goal 

Go to the report Library and filter reports by deals.

What you need in your sales process: Revenue Example

Configure Your Sales Pipeline 
First map out the steps your customers take before they become a customer. Try to name these steps in terms of what the buyer is doing. We are looking for a simple and straightforward process. Now ask yourself, is there any information that we always need to collect or need to be noted during these steps? After the first demo, maybe you want all of the members of your sales to ask if another meeting should be set with the decision-makers within the organization. You can make these questions required field within your pipeline to ensure the right information is being collected and noted within your CRM. 

What you need in your sales process: Pipeline Configuration

In most cases you will already have a sales process established, but taking the time to sync your HubSpot account with your sales system is a best practice. Leverage the pipeline, sales reports, and other sales tools to enable your team to streamline the repeatable steps and easily identify areas for improvement.  

Interested in how to nail your exploratory calls with prospects? Download our playbook to inform your calls .

Exploratory Call Playbook 

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