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5 Ways to Optimize Your Sales Team

The effectiveness of your sales team is critical to the success of your business. When sales reps diligently follow up on leads and convert a high percentage of prospects into customers, the entire company benefits. Ready to learn more now? Check out this ultimate guide to RevOps now!
optimize sales team for revops and profit in revenue gain

Of course, when reps have trouble doing these things, the opposite is true.

Selling is not easy. For one thing, salespeople have to stay on top of their workload and their time management. Disorganization is a "lead-killer" in the sales world. However, staying organized can be a real challenge when sales reps have a large volume of prospects to sift through, and quotas to meet.

When you use HubSpot's automated marketing platform, you put your sales team on the path to greater productivity. When you hire an experienced HubSpot administrator, you give your reps the best opportunity to succeed. Here are 5 ways that a HubSpot administrator can help your sales team stay organized, stay productive, and stay on target.

Follow Up Date Filters & Deal Overdue Filters

Sales reps have a limited window of time for follow up with prospects. They say that you have to "strike while the iron's hot," and that means following up promptly on leads and deals. HubSpot's filtering feature allows reps to quickly and efficiently review which follow-up appointments are due, as well as which ones are overdue.

Task Automation

Sometimes our memory fails us, and we forget to handle an important task. Whether it's because of a heavy workload, personal concerns, or just plain forgetfulness, it's happened to all of us at one time or another. 

HubSpot's task automation feature makes sure that important deals don't slip through the cracks because of a sales rep's memory gaffe. If a deal sits in one stage for a certain number of days, then the HubSpot system will automatically create a follow-up task and assign it to the appropriate agent. It's a great way to keep the rep focused, and cover for any lapses of memory.

Segmented Team Views

We all have to deal with "information overload" in today's digital world. There's no sense in adding to the noise by giving team reps access to information that they don't need, and can't use. For that reason, HubSpot's platform offers segmented team views, so that each team member only sees the information relevant to his or her role. Reps see the info they need in order to meet their quota, managers see what they need for oversight and feedback, and CEOs see what they need for strategic business decisions.

Lots (and Lots) of Training

A tool is only as good as it's user, which is why a good HubSpot administrator/consultant will train the client's sales team on how to use HubSpot in the most effective way. It's no secret that sales training is one of the most important factors in a company's ultimate success. A HubSpot admin can unlock the power of the platform for your sales team, thus setting you up for sustainable growth.

Alignment of Sales and Marketing

Traditionally, the sales and marketing departments have been at odds with one another, resulting in confusing workflows and overlapping efforts. However, when these two teams are on the same page, amazing things can happen. 

At the Insight Studio, we align sales and marketing into what we call "Smarketing" in order to unlock the potential within both HubSpot and our clients' companies. The HubSpot platform makes this alignment much easier, since the entire customer's journey is transparent for both departments.

If you want to keep your sales team on the right track, then taking advantage of powerful marketing tools like HubSpot is a key first step — and enlisting the aid of a HubSpot administrator is often the best way to do that. Reach out to our Revops experts today to learn more.


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