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When to Hire a HubSpot Administrator

Hire a HubSpot Administrator

Your company is paying for HubSpot Marketing or Sales Pro, a few team members are becoming familiar with some of the features. So, when do you hire a HubSpot Administrator?

To start, your data is only as useful as you can understand it.

  • Does your team know how to analyze the marketing and sales reports?
  • How clean is your CRM?
  • When is the last time anyone cleaned your list of contacts?
  • Who is creating sales sequences and marketing workflows?
  • Who is analyzing the data?
  • How customized is your HubSpot? Do you want it more customized?

When should you hire a HubSpot Administrator?

1. When you're ready to invest in growing your company

If you have purchased HubSpot Pro or Enterprise Sales, Marketing or Service hubs, you made an investment in your company. But, are you ready to invest in the growth of your company? A HubSpot Administrator works as technical support, as well as a business strategist. Through a HubSpot Administrators experience working with a diverse array of clients, they can help you utilize HubSpot in the most useful and efficient way for the growth of your company.

2. You just purchased HubSpot and need help with implementation

HubSpot is incredibly useful, which means it can be incredibly complex. Implementing such an intricate tool takes time and strategy, but should also be done quickly and efficiently. Implementation may include importing lists of contacts from various platforms, ensuring data is clean and up-to-date, moving email and website templates over, transferring blogs and other content, uploading deal histories, assigning contacts personas and owners, and more.

3. When you don't want to lose institutional knowledge

One of the greatest losses to a company is losing a team member and the knowledge they take with them. Hiring a HubSpot Administrator as a contracted service ensures consistency through personnel turnover, changes in management, and company restructuring. A HubSpot Administrator works as an extension of your team so they can keep moving forward without a hitch and train new employees as they come on.

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4. When you're out of time

This is the most obvious, but one worth noting. If you're paying for the software someone should be managing it daily. Does your team have the capacity to manage HubSpot? Do you have the budget to hire someone full-time to manage HubSpot? Managing and strategizing within HubSpot is our specialty and passion.

Updated 3/14/23

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