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How the HubSpot Salesforce Integration Benefits Your Company

The link between sales and marketing in your business undeniable. To run a successful marketing campaign, you need to reach your target audience, and in so doing, you reach your target clients. Interested in learning more? Check out our ultimate guide to RevOps here.
How the HubSpot Salesforce Integration Benefits Your Company

After the sales interaction, you also need to manage the relationship between your brand and the customer. This relationship forms the foundation for smarketing

Investing in the HubSpot Salesforce integration helps you optimize smarketing while enjoying the forces of two powerful platforms in the business world. What's more, you can take advantage of these resources for little extra costs. Some HubSpot tools are either free or low cost relative to other tools in the market. 

1.      Access to a complete value-added package

While HubSpot and Salesforce are both providers in the customer relationship management (CRM) field, they are not similar. Approximately 20% of HubSpot marketing tools clients integrate Salesforce. Using features from both tools help marketers achieve their goals more effectively. 

When HubSpot and Salesforce are synced, users can enjoy streamlined changes across both platforms. What's more, customers with HubSpot marketing tools can now choose Salesforce as their CRM- this is an added advantage, especially for businesses that were conflicted about selecting software. 

2.      Sharing relevant information with your sales team

Syncing HubSpot marketing tools and Salesforce also streamlines communication between the marketing and sales departments. The staff can select the records they wish to sync between teams and send them automatically. You can now enjoy emails, web activity, and document sharing at faster speeds. 

More importantly, your departments can share valuable data that improve your marketing and sales tactics. As you continue to share intelligence, you can define new ways to market your products to prospects. 

3. Results-driven prospect nurturing

Closing deals and maintaining a customer base forms the function of sales and marketing campaigns. The HubSpot Salesforce integration offers you the benefit of using information from accounts or contacts on Salesforce to segment a database and send personalized emails without permission from the sales department. 

With such ease in accessing and dispensing marketing intelligence, your sales team can better understand prospects' needs by tracking their website activities. Your team gains insights on prospects' nurturing and generates required interventions to close deals.

This looping eases operations and saves time since you no longer need to export lists from Salesforce to launch a marketing campaign. You also don't need to import responses into Salesforce from a marketing campaign.  

Salesforce can send any forthcoming data such as closed leads and associated revenue data to HubSpot. Therefore, you can integrate actual revenue to specific marketing campaigns - this facilitates the implementation of data-driven decisions for sales activities and marketing campaigns.

4. User-friendly software

Installing and setting up the HubSpot-Salesforce interface does not require extra technical skills. It is a simple set-up process, and the whole team can start using it immediately. The platform also contains an extensive library of resources that your company can use to improve team efficiency and onboard new members. What's more, you can always contact a HubSpot administrator for assistance. 

5. Manage Workflow

You can use marketing activity to assign tasks to members of the sales team. For example, when a lead visits your price page more than three times a month, you can assign them to a member of the sales team for a follow-up. With HubSpot Workflow and Salesforce, you can easily share prospect data, and ensure the prospect goes through the right sales funnel. 

HubSpot-Salesforce Takeaway

The HubSpot Salesforce integration is an easy-to-use, effective, and affordable Revops solution in the sales and marketing scene. And here at the The Insight Studio, we can help with the installation and maintenance of the integrated resource for your business' optimum performance.

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