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15 B2B Brand Awareness Videos

Social media is probably the fastest growing industry in the world. Approximately 4.5 Billion people, which is equivalent to 60% of the world, use social media. B2B businesses have followed suit to keep up with the growing trend and reach a broader market.
If you are a B2B company struggling with ways to make awareness videos for your target market, here are 15 examples.
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15 Brand Awareness Videos


These are series led by a presenter to cover editorial content but as written posts. Vlogs are advanced in that these episodes are presented in the video instead of the usually written post. Video blogs are widespread in B2B companies.


These videos highlight specific products or services that your B2B Company has to offer. Give demonstrations on how your audience should utilize these products. Product videos help to create awareness. Mostly they are led by an influencer or brand ambassador who will catch your audience's attention. An example is the famous basketballer Lebron James for Nike shoes. People adore him for who he is in the basketball field and would want to identify with him by buying the shoes he wears.


These aim to educate and inform viewers often about the products or services your company has to offer. They help to generate awareness about the products or services. An example is Slack, which gives a simple explanation of how slack helps you communicate with chaos. Explainer videos generate demand by demonstrating value.


These offer useful tips and give a step-by-step instruction on how to utilize the specific products or services. A perfect example is Clickup, which sums up what Clickup does for project management and organizational hierarchy.


These make the service lighter-hearted, and since the world has gone visual, it is instrumental. The above example on the Slack tutorial is conducted via animation instead of an actual person.


Since your buyers cannot interact directly with the CEO or senior experts in the company, it would be easier to make senior positions videos talking about the product. Doing this incites conversations between the brand and the audience and builds trust between them. An example is Jeff Bezos of Amazon. You would not expect to run into him in the street, but you get to interact with his services via video.


This marketing strategy uses product mentions or endorsements by celebrities or people with a high following since people are most likely to be affiliated with the products because of the fame. The Lagavulin whiskey, for example, has gained popularity from its endorsement by Ron Swanson.


The audience should get a glimpse of the industry by taking short videos, shots of the events and conducting interviews with attendees of specific events. These live interactions with customers give the audience a sort of one-on-one experience.


Buyers trust fellow buyers. People tend to believe a product more if the information comes from someone who has been through it already. A good example is Hubspot, which has used ShoreTel's customers to talk passionately about their experience with them and give viable recommendations to the audience. Appeal to feelings is one of the surest ways of capturing attention.


Case Study Videos are not the same as testimonials, but you might want to reconsider that. For the testimonials, you only get the customers' side of the story. For the case study, however, the company gives a full picture of the project from before the product or service was given to the client, to the entire process, till completion.


Give users of the product a chance to share videos of their products, services, and interaction experience with the events.


Take different photos and events and make them into captivating video footage with engaging background music.


These include live videos, events coverage, and the man on the street videos and show creative films. They are somewhat similar to the event coverage and time-lapse videos.


Culture's main component is people. When the audience sees company employees in their most natural of states, it creates a rapport. Company culture videos enable the customer to see beyond the products and services they give. This includes the senior-most to the junior-most employees. You can capture fun, goofy moments at work. Culture videos show the customers the warm side of their service providers.


Reeling trending videos to your brand can get you very fast up the ranks. HubSpot is one of the best users of this method. They have used the famous Crazy Rich Asians to catch people's attention by talking to marketers about getting as many customers as possible then going ahead to talk about the services they offer as a company.

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Updated 3/17/23

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