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Keeping Your Digital Marketing Going When Staff Gets Cut

Companies conduct periodic audits to determine their balance between expenses and revenue. Staff cuts and freezing hiring of permanent and temporary staff are options when mitigating budgetary deficits. 

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If your company faces such constraints, consider the following ideas to ensure your digital marketing department continues to grow and meet targets.

1.      Automate marketing tasks

Sometimes delegation seems like the best solution to a piling load of tasks. With no extra staff to fall back on, automation frees your staff to enable them to concentrate on tasks that require accuracy and a human touch.

Companies invest in chatbots to manage their social media platforms and customer service. Not only are the chatbots a cheap option for a cash strapped company, but they can also seamlessly manage generic tasks such as checking order status, answer basic customer queries, and suggest new content.

These tools complete large volumes of tasks. If your digital marketing campaign involves content distribution, automating tools can let you create and automate email campaigns and schedule distribution of your social media and blog content.

2.      Build on converting leads

Converting quality leads into customers is one way to quantify the success of your digital marketing campaign. A staff cut should not hinder this process of bringing leads to your sales funnel.

This approach requires optimizing your marketing campaign to focus on a targeted audience. This way you can use the limited human resource at your disposal to rake in more profits instead of wasting time on people who will only skim through your content without committing to a purchase.

3.      Promote your brand with social media marketing

Following up on the aspect of targeted marketing, social media marketing does not require your presence on every platform. Using your tools to narrow down on your prospects' identity, status, needs, and interests will define the platforms where you should focus your attention. The goods and services that characterize your brand also determine your choice of social media platforms for effective digital marketing.

LinkedIn would serve well if your brand targets managers, CEOs, and professionals. If you run a fashion clothing company, you can use Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to engage your prospects and get a good ROI. Consider that this will require you to create appropriate content and to avail yourself to manage the page by answering your audience's queries.

For all these, consistency in your updating of your social media pages and prompt responses to your prospects authenticates your brand and sustains interest, which leads to converting leads.

4.      Segment your email list

Compiling a segmented list for your email contacts is another way of encouraging your team to focus on engaging the correct prospects for your brand. You can use criteria such as the interest of buyers to send them emails they will find relevant to their needs. Not only will this protect your company email from blacklisting for spam by disinterested people, but it will also increase open and click-through rates from interested prospects.

You can also profile your visitors and audience into lists of potential buyers, loyal clients, and new buyers. Use HubSpot tools to design customized emails and content for each group. According to a 2020 study by Statista, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide which shows the possibilities in social media options for your marketing. HubSpot tools automate the segmented lists. Now use a workflow to auto-populate and maintain your contacts' segment.

Make it work for you

The solution lies in finding a one-stop provider for your digital marketing management needs. Peruse authoritative blogs for insights on your marketing plan and advice on appropriate tools and ideas to keep your digital marketing productive in the face of a staff cut.

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