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Marketing Automation Post COVID-19 Crisis

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COVID-19 continues to sweep across the globe at an alarming rate, and was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020. Every day, more cases are confirmed and the public is being actively encouraged to stay home as much as possible, taking extra precautions if they must leave home, in attempts to curb the spread of the disease. 

Even today, it is important to be prepared. The effects of the pandemic are still lingering, and it's important to ready your platform in case of future impacts as well. If we learned one thing from the pandemic, it's that anything can happen, and automation protects your company from potential world changes.

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One highly effective method is to automate as much of your digital marketing as possible. Effective marketing automation, with proper planning and implementation, allows businesses to keep up with critical tasks like sending emails, engaging on social media, nurturing leads, managing customer data and information, and more. A HubSpot Administrator can assist in building or optimizing your automation strategy during these times. By automating your digital marketing now, you'll be better prepared and equipped to handle whatever comes your way.

What is Business Automation?

Automation allows computers and machines to do the work of humans, often in much more streamlined and efficient ways. This can help to eliminate disjointed customer experiences. We encounter many types of automation on a day-to-day basis. For example, ATMs automate some tasks of bank tellers, and answering machines automate the work once performed by phone operators.

Based on research they conducted regarding the capabilities and potential of workplace automation, the consultants of McKinsey Digital report, "as many as 45 percent of the activities individuals are paid to perform can be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technologies." 

Businesses that implement automation almost immediately see an increase in their productivity, and are able to cut unnecessary labor expenditures vastly. By automating the tedious, time-consuming duties that waste countless work hours, employees are able to focus their attention, energy, and effort on more profitable and creative tasks. Automation allows businesses to streamline many operations, redefining jobs and processes in nearly every industry, and overall develop a stronger marketing automation workflow.

Automation in Digital Marketing

In our modern, connected world, digital marketing is indisputably one of the most valuable tools at the disposal of many businesses. In the midst of a crisis, however, companies are forced to change their operations and adapt in order to survive. An extremely popular business improvement process, particularly during the uncertainty of crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, include tactics and strategies referred to as "going lean."

The Ivey Business Journal explains that "these tools and methods [are] powerful means for driving up operational efficiencies by removing waste in all its forms, specifically by taking direct aim at everything from extra inventory to extra processing steps. The results can have a significant impact, and include lower costs, increased quality, and a faster flow of products and services to customers."

Digital marketing is an area that sees incredible benefits from automation, both in and out of times of crisis. Many digital marketing tasks can be automated, including:

  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • "Personalized" email and social media communication with customers and clients
  • Collecting, managing, and analyzing marketing data 

When a business has to move towards more lean dynamics as a solution to the troubles caused by crises, digital marketing practices and campaigns are often slowed dramatically, if not stopped altogether. However, this only makes recovery from a crisis more difficult. After all, digital marketing is crucial for generating and retaining clients, and the cessation of solid, engaging digital marketing results in massive losses. 

How the Insight Studio Helps

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Updated 3/23/23

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