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Contracting a HubSpot Administrator vs. Hiring Internally


HubSpot Administrators are an Extension of Your Company

At The Insight Studio, we love working as consultants, trainers, and "extended coworkers" to the companies we offer HubSpot support. We get to know their mission and values, their company culture, strategic goals, and any challenges standing in their way. 

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As HubSpot Administrators we get to pair our HubSpot expertise with your business goals. Together we're unstoppable! Okay, so we're all convinced that a HubSpot Administrator is beneficial to the team, but the big question remains: do you contract or hire internally? 

It comes down to two basic points to address within your company: cost and time.

1. Employees cost money

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. They know your vision inside and out, they interact with customers, they sell your product or service, and they keep you afloat. However, employees are expensive: salary, benefits, office space, perks, etc. all add up.

Contracting a HubSpot Administrator saves your company an immense amount of money. You are billed for hours spent exclusively on HubSpot, and you do not have to hire internal staff. We still believe in the importance of your team! We're just the "support staff" cheering and coaching from the sidelines.

2. Your employees aren't robots

Robots can focus on a single task and never stray; unfortunately (or, fortunately) humans are not robots. Have you ever been hired for a specific job that eventually morphed into a dozen jobs: answering calls, making copies, taking notes, running errands, walking the dog, and the list goes on? We all have.

People hired to manage HubSpot or the company's CRM oftentimes find themselves pulled in many different directions within the company. Pretty soon they are designing emails for the drip campaign; they are writing copy for the sales calls; they are answering phones for the service team because they can navigate HubSpot the fastest.

Avoid time inefficiencies by contracting your HubSpot work to HubSpot Administrators, like The Insight Studio, that work exclusively within HubSpot and track hours only spent on your HubSpot work. Contracting will maximize your dollars and time, which means you can focus on sales and growth.

Updated 3/23/23

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