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What are the 4 Best Practices for HubSpot Email Campaigns?

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Email campaigns are a great way to develop and keep in touch with a loyal customer base as your company continues to grow. HubSpot makes email campaigns much easier to implement through automation and data management, but it can still be challenging to achieve the results you want.

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Poorly executed email campaigns can be a waste of resources and have no effect on your bottom line. These best practices will help you make the most of your HubSpot email campaigns.

Learn About HubSpot Email Types

Know the different kinds of emails that are available through HubSpot. Regular emails are for one-time events. This can be newsletters, holiday emails, or promotional content. Automated emails are for workflows- when someone fills out a form, for example, they should receive an automated follow-up email that discusses next steps. Re-engaging inactive users is another job that automated emails can handle.

Finally, block emails allow you to publish content a single time and have it sent out as notifications to subscribers on your mailing lists. Knowing these differences can mean better automation and workflows that keep users in the loop without bombarding them with emails, all while minimizing work on your end.

Create Personalized CTAs

Data shows that personalized calls-to-action convert users 202% better than static CTAs. Using CTAs in your emails is an important way to drive conversion and engagement with your website, however the type of call-to-action you use can have a big impact on the actual results of your conversions. Knowing which CTAs to use depends on the data you have about your customers.

If you know, for example, a visitor's location, that can inform the CTA they receive. You can also use a user's previous engagement with your site as data- are they new, or repeat customers? To maximize the effectiveness of your CTAs, begin with the data you have and design your CTAs using that information. HubSpot makes it simple to design and insert CTAs into your emails.

Use A/B Testing To Improve Your Emails

Improving conversion rates is the primary motivation behind email campaigns. This is why it's vital to use A/B testing to maximize the effectiveness of your emails. The purpose of this kind of user testing is to change a single variable between two otherwise identical emails and send them out to users and see which performs better.

You can run A/B tests directly through HubSpot where you can compare the performance of two emails side by side. You can use this to find the most compelling CTAs, subject lines that lead to the most email opens, the most effective customer testimonials, and more. Ultimately, you'll end up better understanding your audience and what they respond most to.

Focus on Inbound Marketing

Data shows that over 50% of global email volume is spam or promotional content. Making an email campaign successful requires standing out from all that noise. Inbound marketing focuses on attracting and engaging the right audience for your business.

Rather than spamming a wide swath of potential customers, create an opt-in email campaign that targets a more specific audience that already shows interest in your industry or product. Hubspot makes it easy to track inbound marketing and provides data to help your team learn how to convert new traffic to leads effectively.

General Best Practices For Marketing Emails

These are general best practices for email marketing best practices that are applicable for any platform.

  • Don't send too many emails; this can turn users off and lead them to unsubscribe from your mailing lists.
  • Use a personalized email greeting.
  • Make sure the CTA appears above the fold.
  • Keep your email formats mobile-friendly.
  • Put your logo in the upper corner.

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Updated 3/14/23

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